Yabatech CED Educates Student On Career Opportunities After School

By David Orji

The Centre for Entrepreneurship Development,  Yaba College Of Technology held a career day with the theme  “From Class Room to Boardroom: Developing Essential Employability Skills” at the Yusuf Grillo Hall, Yabatech.

The purpose of the event was to educate students on the benefits of entrepreneurship and to prepare them for the labour market as an undergraduate.

The event was put together by The Centre For Entrepreneurship Development, Yabatech  with support from The Nest Innovation Park ,LEAP AFRICA, Access Bank, MoneyAfrica, Pipeline.

According to Mr. Bolaji Cole, Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Yabatech, said, students must first discover themselves.

“As an entrepreneur, you must have physical skills, and as a worker, you must strive to be the best, he stated. To be an entrepreneur, you must be resilient, as the Nigerian economy is difficult.

“Yabatech entrepreneurship program has aided students in skill acquisition training, and we hope to build on this.

“We want to get them certified before they leave school so they don’t just graduate with a diploma but also with a skill acquisition related to the course of study they’ve chosen.

“It is very likely that our students will graduate with two degrees and be ready for the labor market very soon.”

He went on to say that the method is already in place because students are learning professional skills such as lethal works, electrical works, cosmetology, tailoring, and fashion design, and we are also aiming to start graphics design training.

Furthermore, Oluwatosin Olaseinde, the founder of Money Africa, stated that “as a beginner, you have to be consistent, you have to show up every day, number two, you have to follow the numbers because at the end of the day, you are not in business just to make money.

“You must understand what brings me money and what does not bring me money, as well as how I balance it out, and you should also seek partnership.

“If you are very good at marketing and the other person is very good at technical skills, consider partnering with them; Nigerians are not very good at partnership because everyone wants to be their own owner.

“So join forces in order to build something bigger and also learn how to work with people, because people want to stay with people they respect and regard as visionaries.

“You must be worthy of their time as well, because your employees will want to work for people who they believe have good vision.”

In addition, Money Africa is a financial literacy  and investment platform that teaches people to build healthy financial habits, cut down on unnecessary expenses and generate multiple income streams.

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