President, Muhammadu Buhari, has signed the coronavirus disease health protection 2021, which made the use of face masks in public places mandatory among other measures to curtail spread of covid-19.

The chairman of the presidential task force on covid-19, boss Mustapha, told journalists in Abuja on that the president signed the document on Tuesday.

Mustapha, who is also the secretary to the government of the federation, said the president signed the document in exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 4 of the quarantine act, laws of the federation of Nigeria 2010.

Part one which deals with restrictions on gatherings stipulates that at all gatherings, a physical distance of at least two meters shall be maintained at all times between persons.

Part two of the regulation stipulates that no person shall be allowed within the premises of a market, mall, supermarket, shop, restaurants, hotels, event centres, gardens, leisure parks, recreation centres, motor parks, fitness centre or any other similar establishment except the person is wearing a face cover that covers the nose and mouth.

Part three of the regulation also stipulates that persons confirmed to have tested positive to covid-19 by an NCDC accredited laboratory, should not refuse isolation or admission to a designated health establishment for management of the disease.

Part four further, deals with penalties, stipulates a fine or six months imprisonment or both for violators.


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