Yabatech students donate food items and toiletries to orphanage home


The HND-2 Students of the Department of Industrial Maintenance Engineering and the Department of Banking & Finance, Yaba College of Technology, on Friday, August 5, 2022 paid a courtesy visit to Heritage Home Orphanage as part of their Social Entrepreneurship semester project .

Led by Mr. Shokunbi Oladimeji, a Senior Lecturer from the Center for Entrepreneurship Development, Yaba College of Technology, the students donated food items to Heritage Home of Orphans located at Anthony Village, Lagos.

A Social Worker at the Home, Madam Oguntoyinbo Olubukola Oluwakemi, who received the gift items on behalf of Heritage Home Orphanage, thanked the students for their good act of generosity and care towards the children, whilst reaching out to Parents to avoid child neglect irrespective of the situation as it is a punishable offence by the Law.

While speaking to our correspondent, she admonished Parents and intending parents to plan their families, she said, “I think it is very important for Parents and Intending Parents to plan their Families.” Don’t give birth to children you cannot care for as it is not enough giving birth.”

She added, “Don’t give birth to children you cannot care for as it is not enough giving birth. The utmost thing is taking care of the children, giving them the best you can afford.”

The social director for the department of Industrial Maintenance Engineering, Onunkwo Paskal, lauded the initiative while sending a clarion call to the college Chief Lecturers and other departments in the college to inculcate projects that enable students to give back to their community into their scheme of work.

Obi Victoria, a student of the department of Banking & Finance, in an interview with Yabatech Radio, applauded the initiative while calling for the college to adopt the initiative of rendering help to the community whilst stating that, giving back to the society is a good idea.

She said, “It is one thing to have the ability to give and it’s another to have the mind to give.”

She added, “It is not just about being an entrepreneur or getting gain from the society but we should always look at those that are not living up to the level that we are living. The school should take this habit (of giving to the needy) maybe once in a year or session, maybe a department can come up with this and do it, it is a very good idea.

Mr. Shokunbi, the lecturer saddled with the responsibilities of lecturing the students on the Entrepreneurship Course, explained to our correspondent that the essence of the project is for the students to understand the privileges they enjoy that many others in society don’t get and to help them cultivate the habit of giving back to their community as they are leaders of tomorrow.

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