By Oladeji Ogunsola-Lagos

Lagos state government created primary health centers, in other to provide a healthy system, which focuses on the overall health of the population, rather than just the treatment of diseases. Some primary health centers in Ikorodu are up to the required standard of a good health facility, while some are in a critical condition.

The major function of a primary health facility is to provide comprehensive health care, with the maintenance and resuscitation of health coupled with diagnoses and treatment of diseases, with the help of a functional facility.

A visit to Elepe primary health center in Ikorodu, shows that the facility is in a carping condition. The critical condition of the health center has left the habitants of the environment, with no other option than going to other primary health centers outside the environment.

In a chart with some residents, they inferred that the environment of Elepe primary health center is always unkempt and also unsatisfactory.

One of the residents of Elepe in Ikorodu, spoke to Yabatech radio, and stated that the health center lacks enough nurses and doctors, coupled with substandard facilities. Another resident stated that the staffs of Elepe primary health center are nonchalant towards work and even take bribe.

Residents of Elepe in Ikorodu are imploring the government of lagose state, to look into the infrastructure and structure of Elepe primary health center. Also the government should post competent doctors and nurses alongside modern equipment’s.

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