Smartyvest Launches Real Estate Multipurpose Community

Real estate enthusiasts and investors on Friday, gathered in Lagos to discuss how to collectively invest in professionally vested opportunities in the industry.

The gathering which featured top industry players, also talked about real estate investment solutions, which are designed to empower individuals in the middle and lower strata of the Nigerian economy, in order to collectively build wealth and own properties, with the aim of mitigating risk.

Talking about plans to house 300 thousand households and help youths in the country become landlords and real estate asset owners, a cooperative community, Smartyvest, said it had secured a pool of funds from multiple investors to attain its set goals.

The real estate community at its official launch in Yaba, Lagos, also revealed that part of its numerous plans is to help the young generation own properties of their own, by using the cooperative method with the vision to get as much property in Nigeria, with an eye of covering other African countries.

The Chairman of the project, Pastor Olutunji Oladimeji, during a question and answer session at the event, talked about how he was certain that the project would touch the lives of people and help Nigerians achieve their real estate dreams.

Oladimeji further talked about how he would make sure corporate governance is not an issue in the cooperative community.

He said; “We are aware that over the years people have entered the real estate space to Launder money. To ensure that Smartyvest does not go in that trend, we have put up an enterprise risk management framework that guides people into this project.

“We would do proper KYC on people. Our funds would be filtered, we would not allow the community to become porous because of fraud. Let our subscribers hold us accountable.” He added.

Outlining the three different models the cooperative community would operate on, the President of the project, Babajide Adedayo said they would include Buy-To-Sell, and lease strategy.

Adedayo noted that the vision is to amplify the ability to own properties, as he called on people to invest over a long period, in order to attain the goal.

He said; “The aim is to build wealth that would be sustainable, by connecting resources to build a wealth base community that depends on real estate. We want to bridge the gap to help own properties, and amplify the ability to own properties.“

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