Seven AI Tools That Can Help Your Professional Career

David Orji

The way we engage with technology has been transforme by artificial intelligence (AI).

Many facets of our life have been altered by AI capabilities, from how we work to how we stay connected.

AI solutions can assist us in completing jobs more efficiently, staying organized, and even staying secure.

AI has also allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of our surroundings, analyze data for insights, and automate operations for greater efficiency.

According to the TechJury report, 35% of firms regularly employ AI tools, while 42% plan to leverage AI’s capabilities in the near future.

The goal of agencies to hasten the majority of arduous activities has resulted in such a quick move to AI technologies in the photographic arena.

Writesonic provides a set of tools to let you write a 1500+ word blog article rapidly and do more with video, photos and graphics.

Writesonic supports 25+ languages like English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Finnish, Estonian.

Here are 7 AI Tools That Will Make You A Superhuman:


AI writing is a type of artificial intelligence that generates text.

AI writing has several applications, including making text summaries, product descriptions, and even creating new works of fiction.

Natural language processing and text creation are two technologies that can be employed for AI writing.

Natural language processing is a technique for teaching computers to comprehend human language.

This can be used to generate product descriptions because the computer can learn the style of the product descriptions and then generate new descriptions in that manner.

AI writing can be used to generate product descriptions and landing page copy, to write articles or blogs, to write sales emails or cold emails, to enlarge sentences, paraphrase or rewrite, to create social media copy, or to create any other type of content.

AI can write a variety of various types of articles for you. AI can, for example, create news stories, blog entries, factual articles, how-to blogs, and listicles.

One advantage of employing AI to create your articles is that it can help you save time.

If you need to write a lot of content, an AI content generator can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.



You can create quality videos in MINUTES with our unique AI technology, Steve AI. Witness the MAGIC as the AI selects the best creative media assets for your video.

Steve AI can help you repurpose your audio recordings by transforming them into attention-grabbing films. It extracts text, creates context, and converts it into videos like Eminem’s Rap.

Move as quickly as your customers. Convert your blogs into one or more bite-sized videos across channels in seconds. Copy the URL and see the AI work like a Hummingbird’s wing-bearing.


3. RESUMEMAKER AI adheres to best resume bullet point practices and knows the abilities and experience required by companies, allowing you to create a high-quality resume in minutes.

Prepory guides students through the college admissions process by offering the most complete admissions counseling program available, so empowering students to succeed.

It’s as simple as three steps:

1. Type in your work title.

2. Enter any content you have.

3. Click the generate with AI writer button.Students are given the knowledge and resources they need to succeed through individualized coaching, college application support, and academic planning.

We meticulously build appealing extracurricular profiles and assist students in emphasizing particular abilities and experiences that have been shown to produce the best results.


All-in-one AI toolkits aid in image enhancement and upscale. Improves image resolution without sacrificing quality.

AI Image Enlarger can expand image size and resolution without sacrificing quality. Reduce noise and sharpen images to improve image quality.

We train our SRCNN neural network with thousands of high-resolution photographs, allowing our AI system to automatically upscale and enhance photos.

With AI Image Enlarger, you can generate spectacular photos by improving low-quality images and resizing them for printing, presentations, or other devices.

You can simply boost image quality with our AI enlarger and enhancer.

AI Image Enlarger has become one of the finest all-in-one AI solution providers in 2018, with over 1,000,000 people from 60 countries trusting it.

Every member of our team values each of our clients and is prepared to give the best services and solutions.



AI Anime 16K employs cutting-edge AI upscaling technology to make high-quality anime wallpaper by upscaling small or low-quality images. The greatest substitute for waifu2x.

AI model that can upscale and enhance anime or cartoon images up to 16000*16000px. Waifu2X’s best alternative.

Unlike AI Image Enlarger, the algorithm has been specifically upgraded for cartoon and anime images.

It may smooth and increase the image quality, as well as make the detail or texture smoother. Repair any fuzzy areas and optimize the pixel.

If you’re seeking for the finest technique to upscale cartoon/anime images for 4K and even 16K wallpaper, look no further.

For upscaling, our Anime16K used a powerful neural-net technique. It is fast, stable, and ensures high quality.



The AI Face Retouching tool enhances and improves your portrait images. In three steps, deblur the pixelated images.

It improves the appearance of portrait shots.

AI Face Retouch, which is based on an AI algorithm, employs photo retouching techniques to detect the face in photos and enhance the skin, eyes, and wrinkles.

We train our SRCNN neural network with hundreds of high-resolution photos, allowing our AI system to recognise faces in photos and edit and improve the quality of the images.

AI Face edit includes everything you’ll need to edit images for optimal quality and results.

Even if you are a novice photographer, you may use our tool to edit images like a pro!
Face Retouching is simple.

It aids in the correction of blurry faces, the enhancement of portrait photographs, and the creation of stunning natural-looking skin, eyes, lips, and hair.

The online tool will sharpen as well as restore extra details. Face retouching has never been this simple!



The AI-powered image background remover removes the backdrop with a single click.

AI Background Remover could distinguish the foreground object and automatically remove the background. There’s no need to spend 2 or 3 minutes manually cropping photographs.

We train our SRCNN neural network with hundreds of high-resolution photographs, allowing our AI system to remove image backgrounds for additional editing.

Remove the backdrop and clip out the object; the powerful AI system will automatically and quickly remove the background from the photo.

AI BG Removal can be used by vehicle dealers, developers, designers, marketing, media, and e-commerce. It makes backdrop removal as simple as possible. Keep as many details as you can.

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