Family raises alarm over son’s kidnap

By David Orji.

The family of Ajibade has raised the alarm after suspected kidnappers who abducted their son in Lagos demanded a ransom of 1million Naira.


Israel Ajibade who has been missing in Lagos for over six weeks now, went missing after he left home February 25th, 2023 around 4:30pm and has not been seen since then.


Israel’s father, Ajibade Adewale, said his son is currently attending a class for GCE in Ketu area of Lagos as the results of the secondary school certificate examination he wrote last year did not meet the requirements expected of him to further his education.


Adewale while narrating his ordeal to Yabatech Radio said “Someone called me from a private number and said he had my son and demanded 1 million naira as a ransom; I begged him for less, and he said he would call back by 10 a.m. the next day.”


He noted that the kidnappers demanded that he must first send a part payment of 200,000 naira of which he said he had only been able to raise 100,000 naira.


Adewale however started suspecting foul play after the suspected kidnappers declined several moves by him to have a chance to speak with the child who they claim was in their custody. He said “I told them that before they could get the money from me, I needed to confirm whether or not my son was in their custody. However, the scammer stated that before I can gain access to my son, I must send the specific amount they requested”


“He promised that if I sent the money, he would allow me to speak to my son, and that if I wanted to see him, I had to come to Ekiti state and pay them the one million.”


According to their most recent contact with the family, the suspected kidnappers have dropped a bank details with the threat that Isreal will be killed if the family decides to report the case to the police or other security agencies.


However, the family has reported the case at the Alapere police station in the Ketu area of Lagos for further investigations into the matter.


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