Yaba College Of Technology Holds Interschool Research Fair, Exhibition & Awards

Yaba College of technology, the cradle of higher learning in Nigeria, will on Tuesday, August 2 hold an interschool research fair, exhibition and awards.

The three days event is designed to showcase the research products from various schools in the college for recognition, promotion and subscription from both private and public sectors to areas of needs.

The event will reward excellence and promote best research project ideas that impact on development. It will also promote recognition of research by students and staff that are contributing to development and solving problems that affect the growth of the nation.

It is to advance healthy competition among the eight schools and 45 departments in the college towards sustainable research research practices and to select top notch research products to represent the college at the upcoming National and international exhibitions ahead of the college.

The categories of participation which cut across individual and team of students and staff are student’s category, department category and school category.

Participants who have distinguished themselves through their exhibits and are adjudged excellent in first, second and third amongst all are to be decorated with various awards of cash, plaque, and certificate and to be face of the college.

The indices of assessment surround originality, innovativeness, patency, and flexibility, contribution to economy and designs and drawings. Others include trademarks, local contents and collaboration amongst others.

Captains of industry, policy makers, small and medium scale enterprises, chains of organizations and sisters institutions have been invited to grace the occasion which would be declared open by Engr. Femi Omokungbe, the Rector Yaba College of Technology.

The participating eight schools of the college are: School of Art Design and Printing, School of Engineering, School of Environmental Studies, School of Liberal Studies, School of Management and Business Studies and School of Science. Others are: School of Technical Education and School of Technology.

The exhibition is being packaged by the Committee, College Research Fair and Exhibition, Centre for Applied Research and Technology Innovation (ARTI) and College TETFUND Centre of Excellence.

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