Why I picked WhiteMoney, Nini for ousting-Cross

One of the Big Brother Naija House Mates named Cross has revealed the reason for nominating Nini and Whitemoney for ejection for the BB Naija Reality Show.

He said that he did that due to the fact that he doesn\’t suggest candidates\’ names for eviction twice.

Why I picked WhiteMoney, Nini for ousting-Cross


Cross disclosed this on Tuesday during a diary segment. He further said that he does not have a tangible reason to behold but he promises to recommend new house members\’ names next week.

In his statement, he said and I quote \’\’ I don\’t have a specific reason for nominating anyone, I am okay with everyone and I would not be repeating names\’\’

He also added that he wasn\’t happy with the way Jackie B was ejected from the BigB Naija Show, According to him, He revealed that she is one of his intimate friends in the house.

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