Mummy Calm Down: Gov. Sanwo-Olu wants to meet Boy

Mummy Calm Down: Gov. Sanwo-Olu wants to meet Boy

In his bid to continue strengthening the state, the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has requested to meet boy on the ‘Mummy Calm Down’ viral video.

The little boy was seen in the video crying and begging his mom to ‘calm down and rest a little’ before taking any action against him.

After some minutes of begging to no avail, he went down on his knees and continued bargaining with his mother, in order to escape the punishment.

According to the Governor, the video inspired his message to Lagosians, thereby asking the people to ‘calm down’ as they go on their regular duty, especially as the Muslim celebration of Rams is about to kick off.

“Interestingly, the video inspired this special message to the good people of Lagos State because of the deeper meaning it conveys.”

“Fellow Lagosians, we need to ‘calm down’ as we enjoy the coming holiday and festivity.”

Gov. Sanwo-Olu thereby asks the people to be mindful of their movements and not get carried away.

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